Land iD isn't locating me or recording tracks accurately. How to adjust location settings. [Android]

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If Land iD Tracking is unable to locate your current position, or are encountering spikes or jumps in recording tracks, you may need to allow the app full access to your device's location services and adjust your battery settings. Adjusting the following settings on your device will enable Land iD to locate you and can also improve accuracy.

1. When installing Land iD you will be prompted to allow location services. 

Upon installation of the app you will be prompted to allow location services and this is the first step when wanting accurate data for your tracking feature. Having this set to "While using the app" is a first step. (This can be redone upon a fresh uninstall and reinstall)

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2. Adjusting settings further for more accurate tracking for Land iD.

There are several ways you can get to your apps setting with in your Android device. You can access your mobile Android settings for the Land iD App within the app itself.

    • Open Land iD app > Select "Profile" > Location Settings > Permissions > Location 

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This will open up your settings for your mobile device and take you to your Land iD App Settings

     • You can also get to your app settings by going to Settings > Apps > Land iD > Permissions > Location

From here you can now adjust your settings to be more fine tuned for location tracking.

You can allow more permissions to have Land iD better help with location services. You can now change the permissions to "Allow all the Time" and make sure "Use Precise location" is active. 

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3. Making sure your device's location services are turned "On".

You can further confirm your location services are on and active by visiting the "Locations" tab in your Android settings. Settings > Locations > Location Services (you should see Land iD on the access list)

      • Once you are in your location services you will want to make sure that "Google Location Accuracy" is on.

Screenshot_20231109_144626_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20231109_144641_Google Play services.jpg

4. Turn off Battery Saver Mode

When Battery Saver mode is active, track recording is limited to only when the app is open.  

If you would like to conserve battery while using Land iD here are a few things we recommend instead of battery saver mode: 

Android phones: 

*Note: Following these steps for offline maps will help

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