How to Use the Land id™ Lasso Tool

Ryan Phillips
Ryan Phillips
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Lasso Tool for Anchor Point Removal

The Lasso Tool is a valuable feature within the Land id™ tool suite, designed to facilitate efficient removal of anchor points from polygons or lines. This functionality proves particularly useful for streamlining the process of editing polygons and lines, allowing users to eliminate clusters of points that can accumulate during drawing and editing. 


Accessing the Lasso Tool:

  1. Select the Polygon or Line: Begin by selecting the polygon or line you wish to edit. This can be an existing shape that requires refinement.

  2. Open the Edit Box: Once the desired polygon or line is selected, an edit box will appear, presenting a range of tools and settings for editing the selected shape.

  3. Activate the Lasso Tool: Inside the edit box, locate and click the dedicated Lasso Tool button. This button is represented by an icon  . Clicking this button activates the Lasso Tool for anchor point removal.

Utilizing the Lasso Tool:

  1. Drawing the Selection: With the Lasso Tool activated, your cursor transforms into crosshairs. Click at the starting point of the selection area, and then continue single clicks around the cluster of points that you to intend to remove. The selected area can be as precise or encompassing as needed.
      • Tip: There is an undo button in the lasso tool options, this will allow you to undo the last point created. 

  2. Removing Anchor Points: After making the selection, you have two options to confirm the removal of the selected anchor points.
      • Single Click: Click directly on the starting point of the shape created. This point serves as the "end" point of the lassoed area.

      • Double Click: Alternatively, you can double-click anywhere within the drawn selection. This action also indicates the completion of the selection process.

Completing the Edit:

Upon confirming the removal of the selected anchor points using either a single click on the end point or double click, the Land id™ tool will execute the deletion and adjust the shape accordingly. The extraneous anchor points will be eliminated, preserving the shape's original form while promoting its clarity and simplicity.


Incorporating the Lasso Tool into your Land id™ tool workflow enhances your ability to manage anchor points within polygons and lines effectively. This feature results in refined, professional designs that maintain their accuracy and visual coherence.

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