How to Use the Land id™ Share Map Feature

Ryan Phillips
Ryan Phillips
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Land id™ Share Map is a powerful tool that allows you to share immersive and interactive versions of your maps, complete with access to interactive features, tools, and even photos. Follow these step-by-step instructions to use this feature:
  1. Save your map: Before you can use the Share feature, you must save the map you want to share. Once saved, a Share button will appear in the lower part of your toolbar on the left. Click the Share button to access the share window.
  2. Choose a sharing option: There are three ways to share your maps: Copy Link, Email Map, and Embed Map. You can choose between branded and unbranded links for both Copy Link and Embed Map options. Unbranded links do not include your contact information or custom logo on the map.
  3. Customize your map: The share window allows you to customize the overlays to include, which determines what your client can access or view. You can also turn on specific layers if they are important to the map.
  4. Toggle soil report availability: If you have created a soil report for this map, you can choose whether to make it available or not.
  5. Add media: You can also add different types of media, such as videos and panorama images, to your Share Maps.
  6. Add documents: Lastly, you can add documents to your Share Maps, such as surveys or other important documents about the property or project.
  7. Save your share map: Once you've made all the desired changes, save your share map at the bottom by hitting save.
  8. Preview your share map: To check that your Share Map looks correct, click the preview map button at the bottom of the window. This will open a new tab in your browser with your Share Map.
If you experience difficulty using the Share Map feature, you can watch our YouTube tutorial video for more help. If you still have issues or need additional help, please contact our support team.

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